GE LightSpeed 64 Slice CT

Combining volume coverage, superior resolution and reduced dose, the LightSpeed 64 Slice CT makes imaging difficult patients routine and advanced CT studies simple. Key benefits of this system include: Extreme Console with DVD Burner - 6 frames per second Recon, etc. - Options: Direct 3D - ConnectPro - 3000 Image Series - SmartPrep - SmartSpeed - Helical Tilt - Remote Tilt - ReconPlus Power 440 - AutomA - Variviewer - Patient 16, etc. - H3 Gantry with Performix Ultra Tube.


LOGIQ 5 utilizes the cutting-edge technology used in GE's flagship LOGIQ products. You'll see improvements on every level - image quality, computational power, image management, workflow flexibility and product upgradeability. LOGIQ 5 leverages industry-leading advancements in ultrasound imaging for the entire patient exam - abdomen, OB/GYN, cardiology, small parts, vascular, and urology -- to create the best investment for your future.


OMNISCAN was launched in the U.S. in 1993 to provide contrast enhancement of the central nervous system (CNS) to detect lesions of the brain, spinal cord, and associated tissues. OMNISCAN has since received approval for adult body and high-dose CNS indications, and pediatric CNS and body indications. OMNISCAN comes in different sizes to accommodate the most commonly performed procedures, and it is also available in prefilled syringes and in Prefill Plus, first needle-free device of its kind approved by the FDA for use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Cat No. Description
J-800 10 x 100mL Bottles / Box
J-640 10 x 15mL Pre-Filled Syringes / 5mL Saline Flush Syringes / Box
J-650 10 x 20mL Pre-Filled Syringes / 5mL Saline Flush Syringes / Box
J-160 10 x 10mL Pre-Filled Syringes / Box
J-170 10 x 15mL Pre-Filled Syringes / Box
J-180 10 x 20mL Pre-Filled Syringes / Box
J-068 10 x 5mL Glass Vials / Box
J-100 10 x 10mL Glass Vials / Box
J-120 10 x 15mL Glass Vials / Box
J-140 10 x 20mL Glass Vials / Box
J-500 10 x 50mL Glass Vials / Box

Remanufactured OEC C-Arms

Remanufactured OEC C-Arms offer excellent imaging results at a remarkable price. Thoroughly remanufactured, our OEC 9600 and 9800 Series systems are equipped with new and upgraded imaging components. We disassemble, remanufacture, calibrate and pre-stage each C-Arm prior to delivery.


A low osmolar, nonionic, iodinated contrast agent introduced in the U.S. in 1985, OMNIPAQUE has been used in more than 100 million patients worldwide. Its indications include a broad range of intravascular diagnostic procedures such as coronary angiography, spinal cord imaging, and body cavity procedures including shoulder and knee joints. OMNIPAQUE is approved for use in adults and children, and is available in a wide variety of packaging that meet the needs of safety, convenience, and cost efficiency.

Cat No. Description
Y510 140 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 50 mL
Y520 240 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 50 mL
Y522 240 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 100 mL
Y524 240 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 150 mL
Y526 240 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 200 mL
Y530 300 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 50 mL
Y531 300 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 75 mL
Y532 300 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 100 mL
Y534 300 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 150 mL
Y536 300 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 200 mL
Y538B 300 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 500 mL (Pharmacy Bulk Pkg.)
Y540 350 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 50 mL
Y541 350 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 75 mL
Y542 350 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 100 mL
Y544 350 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 150 mL
Y546 350 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 200 mL
Y548B 350 mg/mL +PLUSPAK of 500 mL (Pharmacy Bulk Pkg)
Y552 140 mg/mL bottle of 50 mL
Y252 240 mg/mL bottle of 50 mL
Y250 240 mg/mL vial of 50 mL
Y213 240 mg/mL bottle of 100 mL
Y212 240 mg/mL bottle of 150 mL
Y307 300 mg/mL vial of 30 mL
Y308 300 mg/mL vial of 50 mL
Y352 300 mg/mL bottle of 50 mL
Y313 300 mg/mL bottle of 100 mL
Y356 300 mg/mL bottle of 125 mL
Y318 300 mg/mL bottle of 150 mL
Y452 350 mg/mL bottle of 50 mL
Y410 350 mg/mL vial of 50 mL
Y413 350 mg/mL bottle of 100 mL
Y420 350 mg/mL bottle of 125 mL
Y415 350 mg/mL bottle of 150 mL
Y416 350 mg/mL bottle of 200 mL
Y430 350 mg/mL bottle of 250 mL
Y101 180 mg/mL vial of 10 mL
Y102 180 mg/mL vial of 20 mL
Y203 240 mg/mL vial of 10 mL
Y220 240 mg/mL vial of 20 mL
Y306 300 mg/mL vial of 10 mL
Y820 240 mg/mL single-dose prefilled syringe of 50 mL
Y830 300 mg/mL single-dose prefilled syringe of 50 mL
Y840 350 mg/mL single-dose prefilled syringe of 50 mL


Launched in 1996, VISIPAQUE is the only isosmolar contrast medium (IOCM) available in the U.S. With an osmolality equal to that of blood, VISIPAQUE was designed for patient safety and comfort. VISIPAQUE is also the only contrast medium formulated with sodium and calcium in a ratio equivalent to blood. In 1997, VISIPAQUE received FDA approval for use in children over one year of age. With an excellent safety profile, VISIPAQUE is approved for a broad range of diagnostic procedures requiring intravascular contrast, such as coronary angiography, CT, IVP, and venography.

Cat No. Description
V020 270mg Vial of 50ml.
V025 270mg Bottle of 100ml.
V026 270mg Bottle of 150ml.
V040 320mg Vial of 50ml.
V041 320mg Bottle of 50ml.
V045 320mg Bottle of 100ml.
V046 320 mg Bottle of 150ml.
V047 320mg Bottle of 200ml.
V550 270 mg +PLUSPAK (polymer bottle) of 50ml
V552 270 mg +PLUSPAK (polymer bottle) of 100ml
V554 270 mg +PLUSPAK (polymer bottle) of 150ml
V556 270 mg +PLUSPAK (polymer bottle) of 200ml
V558B 270mg + PLUSPAK (polymer bottle) of 500ml
V560 320mg +PLUSPAK (polymer bottle) of 50ml
V562 320mg +PLUSPAK (polymer bottle) of 100ml
V564 320mg +PLUSPAK (polymer bottle) of 150ml
V566 320mg +PLUSPAK (polymer bottle) of 200ml
V568B 320mg +PLUSPAK (polymer bottle) of 500ml
V653 125ml in REDIFLO (prefilled cartridge)
V654 150ml in REDIFLO (prefilled cartridge)
V662 100ml in REDIFLO (prefilled cartridge)
V663 125ml in REDIFLO (prefilled cartridge)
V850 50ml prefilled syringe
VS662 100ml in REDIFLO (prefilled cartridge)
VS663 125ml in REDIFLO (prefilled cartridge)

Refurbished GE AMX4+ with Vieworks DR System

Refurbished AMX 4+ provides the image quality of a stationary system in a versatile mobile unit. Its wide range of movement facilitates a variety of exam applications. Additionally, it offers extraordinary reliability and durability for non-stop performance in even the most taxing environments.

  • Wide range of movement facilitates even difficult lateral-hip and spine studies.
  • Digital microprocessor control delivers consistent images, regardless of battery charge.
  • Generator output accuracy and reproducibility provide high quality results.
  • Closed-loop feedback regulates kVp, minimizing voltage fluctuations.
  • Rechargeable lead/acid battery produces up to 50 exposures on a single charge.
  • Diagnostic software automatically initiates self-check at start-up to streamline troubleshooting.
  • Features:

    • Structural Reinforcements • Current Upgrades and FMI’s
    • Upgraded Charger Board • AMX-4 Plus HV Cables
    • AMX-4 Plus Main Cables • Base Anti-Static Grounding Cable
    • Noise Suppressors • Brakes Replaced
    • Refurbished Column +/- 270 Degree Rotation • Refurbished Collimator
    • Refurbished Drive Handle Assembly • Refurbished Hand Switch
    • Refurbished Front Caster • Refurbished Base Assembly
    • Refurbished Latch Lock Assembly • Refurbished Horizontal Arm
    • Refurbished Drive Motor • Refurbished Drive Wheel
    • New Rotor Cable • New Collimator Cable
    • New Coil Cord • New Apron Hanger
    • New Batteries **New Tube (Optional)