Radlink Laser Pro 16

Radlink Laser Pro 16 is a high-performance, small-footprint laser film digitizer designed for primary diagnostic applications that demand high accuracy digital image reproduction. The digitizer accepts film up to 14" by 52" (355mm x 1320mm). The Laser Pro 16 offers all of the inherent advantages of a laser film digitizer with excellent optical density and precise spatial resolution.

Radlink CR Pro 2200

Radlink CR Pro 2200 containing embedded fault-tolerant Pro Imaging Archive with two (2) mirrored disks (250GB total usable storage capacity) and one (1) disaster recovery backup disk, DICOM Store SCP, DICOM Q/R SCP, Rule-based DICOM Image Distribution Engine, Disaster Recovery Utility, System Monitoring Utility (capable of remote monitoring and automatic alert).