Siemens MAGNETOM Verio

The MAGNETOM Verio offers greater patient access and comfort, made possible by the 70 cm Open Bore, resulting in higher throughput and more referrals. Additionally, the system's utilization of Total Imaging Matrix technology also increases throughput and shortens scan time, creating an opportunity to significantly increase procedure volume. Patients of all shapes and sizes will feel less discomfort and anxiety, reducing the need for sedation and minimizing claustrophobic rejections.


Siemens' customer-focused philosophy has always been to continually integrate cutting-edge imaging applications into daily clinical routine, providing high quality patient care while simultaneously lowering costs. The success of this philosophy is easily recognizable with more than 8,000 satisfied and knowledgeable customers who have purchased the SOMATOM making it the world's most popular CT scanner.

Siemens SONOLINE G60

Superior performance, streamlined workflow, and maximum clinical confidence are now available in one powerful multi-specialty platform. The next generation SONOLINE G60 S Ultrasound System is more capable, more customizable, and easier to use than ever before.