Medstrat FAQs

Can I view images from a home or remote computer?
Yes, you can view both uncompressed and compressed DICOM studies from home or other remote locations. In fact, every function of our software, including templating, can be accessed from any computer with the Browser installed and Internet access to your Server.

How many users can sign in to Echoes simultaneously?
There is no limit to the number of simultaneous user sessions; however, each actual person accessing Echoes must have their own individual Echoes user account. Sharing Echoes user accounts is not allowed as it obfuscates log entries used to determine the actual person who accessed the patient health information.

Is there a limit to the number of DICOM modality connections to the server?
Medstrat does not restrict the number of DICOM modalities that may use the server for storage. Please contact us if you wish to add another modality connection to your PACS.

Will this software integrate with our EMR (Electronic Medical Record) System?
Medstrat has strategic partnerships with a number of EMR system vendors and integrates with new ones each month. If we have never worked with your EMR vendor before, we will do our best to facilitate the integration with this software. The EMR vendor simply needs to follow the EMR Interface Specifications. Please contact us for a list of current EMR vendors that have been integrated already.

Is the modality worklist feature an out-of-box solution, or does it require custom software for integration?
We provide an out-of-the-box solution to HL7 that is IHE compliant. This means your EMR, if it is IHE compliant, can send Scheduling Information (SIU) HL7 messages to our PACS. Those scheduling entries will be stored on the PACS until they are requested on the Study Date by the Modality during a DICOM Modality Worklist request. Unfortunately, some EMRs are not IHE compliant solutions for integrating with a PACS because they use their own brand of “HL7 messaging”. As such, there can be a need for collaboration between all three parties to help alleviate non-compliance issues.

Can I put studies on removable media (CDs, USB keys, portable hard drives)?
The Echoes Browser provides powerful tools to easily burn CDs for distribution to patients. It also provides a tool to synchronize studies and a viewer onto many types of removable media. On read-write removable media (such as USB keys) the viewer has full functionality including all tools, templates, and the study’s images. Please note that if you plan to use USB keys with the Echoes To Go solution, we recommend you use IronKey to protect your patient health information from breaches in cases of lost or stolen removable media.

I cannot access my PACS from the operating room, nor can I install software on any operating room computer, due to hospital policies and procedures. How can I get my studies into the OR while still conforming to these rules?
The Echoes To Go solution is tailor made for just such a situation.