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Digital Dental

Our Digital Dental Systems provide a host of benefits including enhanced X-Ray image quality with quick sharing ability, fewer files cluttering the office space, and reduction of radiation exposure by 75% or more. These systems are not only easier to use than most conventional radiography systems but also more time saving and productivity boosting.
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XDR Radiology

XDR Radiology
XDR bridges to all major practice management systems and interfaces with standard video devices, including intra-oral cameras, digital extra-oral cameras and TWAIN compliant devices. XDR provides a simple, intuitive and clinically ergonomic interface; utilizing a hands-free automated design to streamline the X-Ray capture process. IMAGE QUALITY  
  • Industry Leading Contrast Resolution; Best at the Penny Test
  • Industry Leading Spatial Resolution; 19 micron pixel size
  • Less Graininess ; Cleanest image on the market
  • Rounded Corners; 6mm radius of corner curvature
  • Thin Sensor Plate; 5.4mm
  • Low Profile Button; 6mm
  • Thinner Cord; Direct USB from sensor plate to computer
  • Sturdier Cord Jacket; Fewer wires allow for greater protection
  • Protected Against Fluids/Contaminants; Sealed cord/sensor junction
  • Safer Vertical Bitewings; Robust, bonded strain relief
  • Repair Option; Cord serviceability
  • Broad Range Of Acceptable Exposure; Superior electronic gain control
  • Snag-Resistant Cord; No interface box or cord bulge
  • Easy Cabling; USB cord can be extended dozens of feet
  • Standard Holder Systems; Rinn, TrollByte, Bitewing tabs, and others
  • Easier Cleaning; Immersible in glutaraldehyde
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