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Comprehensive selection of laser printer brands and models for all types of specialties and capacities.

Agfa   Carestream
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Agfa DRYSTAR 5302

The Agfa DRYSTAR 5302 offers all the benefits of direct digital imaging. The unit's small footprint means that convenient next-to-application installation is possible in even the most space-restricted environments. Despite its compact size, the DRYSTAR 5302 features two media sizes on-line, with 5 media sizes available.

Agfa DRYSTAR 5503

The Agfa DRYSTAR 5503 is a direct digital imager ideal for increasing department productivity. Productivity: it is a key driver in every hospital department. That is why Agfa has developed this multi-format, multi-modality, high-resolution imager. It is perfect for centralized workflow and easy to network too.


The Agfa DRYSTAR AXYS offers digital radiography workflows, including for mammography imaging. With its small footprint and two-on-line media trays that can handle a variety of media in many different sizes, it will fit into any type of facility, supporting a broad range of applications.

The DRYSTAR AXYS comes with Agfa HealthCare`s Direct Digital Imaging technology enhanced with A#Sharp- for consistent and sharper image quality across all applications. Can be used with DRYSTAR DT2 media in blue and clear base, DRYSTAR DT 2 MAMMO.

Carestream/Kodak DryView 5700

The Carestream DryView 5700 offers simplicity and affordability for healthcare facilities of all sizes. This innovative tabletop medical imaging system offers a modest acquisition price, which is half of the affordability equation. It also delivers consistently low operating costs. This combination creates a complete picture of true affordability. It's ideal for computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), computed tomography (CT), PACS Viewer, and magnetic resonance (MR) applications.

Carestream/Kodak DryView 5800

The Carestream/Kodak DryView 5800 Laser Imager continues the remarkable value and image-quality legacy of DryView Laser Imaging Systems. This affordable tabletop unit prints laser-sharp images with the same true-laser technology used in our current portfolio of DryView Laser Imagers. Delivering up to 75 large-format films per hour.

Carestream/Kodak DryView 5950

The Carestream DryView 5950 is a true-laser imager offering superb image quality, tabletop convenience, and outstanding reliability. Print high-resolution mammography and general radiography images with 508 ppi resolution every time. Two film trays allow on-demand printing in five film sizes. Available with Carestream Remote Management Services for automatic distribution of software updates and real-time analysis and response to service issues.

Carestream/Kodak DryView CHROMA Imager

The Carestream DryView CHROMA Imaging System delivers diagnostic images on film and referral prints on paper in high-quality grayscale or brilliant full color. Minimize operating costs by combining film or paper printing into one system - and provide quality output anywhere it's needed.

  • Multiple applications - PACS, CR, DR, CT, MR, PET/CT, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy
  • Advance visualization - 3D Volume Rendering, Color Mapping and Vessel Analysis

Carestream/Kodak DryView 6800 and 6850 Laser Imagers

The Carestream DryView 6800 and 6850 laser imagers deliver exceptional performance and superb image quality for diagnosis, image sharing and film archiving. Print from a full range of modalities, including CR, DR, CT, MR, US, NM, PACS, digital fluoroscopy, and full-field digital mammography.


  • Multilingual touch-screen user interface features an instructional video to simplify installation, operation and user training
  • Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC) uses a configurable built-in densitometer to maintain film-to-film consistency and meet users’ needs
  • Utilize on-demand printing with five film sizes and three film drawers
  • Print up to 200 films per hour with super-sharp 650 ppi resolution
  • Optional five-bin sorter for easy retrieval of films by modality
  • Space-saving, ergonomic design fits easily into most work areas
  •    6800    6850

    Codonics HORIZON

    The Codonics Horizon SF, GS, and Ci are intelligent, desktop dry film imagers that produce superior diagnostic quality medical films as well as color and grayscale paper images fast, conveniently and affordably. The imager is compatible with many industry standard protocols including DICOM and Windows network printing. Horizon also features direct modality connection, with up to 12 DICOM connections simultaneously. High speed image processing, networking and spooling are standard.


    The Sony FilmStation Digital Dry Film Imager is the only dry film imager of its kind to give you an installation choice of horizontal or vertical. Thanks to its compact size and vertical adaptability, this imager can be easily integrated into any radiology environment. With its flexible installation capability, seamless, easy-to-read LCD front panel, and simple-to-load film, the Sony FilmStation imager stands up to the competition in more ways than one. Flexible design is only one of the enhanced features of the FilmStation printer. As a result of high-resolution 320dpi thermal head technology, FilmStation images are excellent in quality. 4,096 shades of gray contribute to the accuracy of every diagnosis, and a maximum density (D-Max) rating of greater than 3.2 produces outstanding contrast ratio and exceptional black levels.

    FujiFilm DryPix 2000 and 7000

    The FujiFilm DryPix series of laser printers set new standards for convenience and versatility. They are ideal for a wide range of uses, from small centralized departments to larger bustling departments needing the capacity to process up to 160 films per hour.

    • DryPix 2000 has a throughput of 90 8"x10" films per hour or 50 14"x17" films per hour. The DryPix 2000 also supports multi-film sizes including the revolutionary new DI-HT film, a patented Micro isolation technology for long storage life and better transparency to attain enhanced image quality.
    • DryPix 7000 provides the capacity to handle 5 sizes of film - Film Size (per hour capacity): 8"x10" (200); 10"x12" (230); 26x36cm (240); 35x35cm (n/a); 35x43cm (180). The DryPix 7000's dry laser imaging process utilizes interpolation to magnify or reduce medical diagnostic images read from modalities, generating film image outputs in a variety of formats.

    Konica Minolta DRYPRO 832

    The Konica Minolta DRYPRO 832 dry laser imager is more than just a compact printer. It delivers excellent productivity, boasting an unparalleled time to first print of 50 seconds and support of five film sizes - from 14X17" to 8X10".

    Key Benefits:

    • Five film sizes and two trays (optional)
    • User friendly - easy to use, warms up quickly, and is very quiet
    • Environment friendly design - excellent low-noise design assures a pleasant environment - ideal for clinics where standby operation accounts for most of the usage time
    • Stable operation with no HDD - Konica Minolta eliminated the hard drive and introduced a design where the essential system software is run from compact flash memory and image data is managed by an external computer

    Konica Minolta DRYPRO 793 and 873

    The Konica Minolta DRYPRO 793 and 873 imagers' superior stability provide high-quality images at lightning fast speeds. Embracing image-based diagnosis, Konica Minolta has once again met the critical demands of the medical imaging industry and presents its next generation dry imagers, DRYPRO 793 and DRYPRO 873.

    Key Benefits:

    • Capable of printing 10 sheets of 14"x17" size film within 4 minutes
    • Fully compatible with five sizes
    • User friendly quiet design - the overall noise, especially noise during the standby run, has been reduced
       793    873