Large selection of high quality medical display monitors (grayscale or color) for various applications and specialties. Resolution options ranging from 1MP - 10MP.

Barco   Eizo
Sony Totoku

Display Types:

  • Diagnostic for General Radiography
  • Clinical Review
  • Surgical
  • Mammography
  • Pathology
  • Dentistry

Barco Diagnostic Displays

  • Coronis Fusion 6MP color and 10MP grayscale displays
  • Coronis 2MP to 5MP displays
  • Nio 2MP to 5MP displays

Barco Clinical Review Displays

  • MDRC series 19” to 24” displays
  • 19” clinical review display w/ touch screen

Barco Surgical Displays

  • 19” surgical color LCD display
  • 24” High Definition wide-screen surgical display
  • 42” High Definition LCD display for O.R.

Barco Mammography Displays

  • Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP Display
  • Coronis 5MP Displays
  • Nio 5MP Displays

Barco Pathology Displays

  • Coronis Color 2MP
  • Coronis Fusion 4MP and 6MP Displays
  • 19” to 24” Clinical Review Displays
  • Nio Color 3MP Display

Barco Dentistry Displays

  • 19” to 24” Clinical Review Displays
  • 2MP (1920 x 1080)

Eizo Diagnostic Displays

  • RadiForce 1MP to 3MP displays
  • SMD display

Eizo Clinical Review Displays

  • RadiForce 17”, 1MP to 27”, 3.7MP LCD Monitors

Eizo Surgical Displays

  • RadiForce 15” to 60” Color LCD Displays
  • SCD 19” Color LCD Display

Eizo Mammography Displays

  • RadiForce 5MP and 10MP Displays

Sony Monochrome Medical Displays

  • LMD-DM30 - 3MP Diagnostic Grayscale Display
  • LMD-DM20 - 2MP Diagnostic Grayscale Display

Sony Color Medical Display

  • LMD-DM30C - 3MP Diagnostic Color Display
  • LMD-DM20C - 2MP Color and Grayscale Display

Sony Mammography Displays

  • LMD-DM50 - 5MP Diagnostic Grayscale Display

Totoku Monochrome Medical Displays

  • 1.3MP ME Series
  • 2MP ME Series i model & ME Series
  • 2MP ME Series i model with ISD Technology
  • 3MP ME Series i model

Totoku Color Medical Displays

  • 1.3MP CCL Series
  • 2MP CCL Series i model & CCL Series
  • 2.3MP CCL Series
  • 3MP CCL Series i model

Totoku Mammography Displays

  • 5MP with ISD 15M Independent Sub-pixel Drive
  • 3MP with ISD 9M Independent Sub-pixel Drive