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Medstrat Echoes

Medstrat Echoes

Medstrat is the recognized leader in orthopedic PACS system installations with its echoes technology. With echoes, practices are able to streamline their operations, operate faster and work more efficiently than ever before.

Medstrat designed echoes to work seamlessly from anywhere. Regardless of your location, be it on your practice's network, at home, on the road, the local hospital, or anywhere on the Internet, you can securely obtain access to your images either through the echoes Browser or by simply using echoes Web Search. Even if you cannot access a network at all, you can bring your images with you using echoes To Go or in My Studies on your laptop. We have a solution to your access needs independent of where you are or what kind of computing device you have available.

Novarad NovaPACS, NovaRIS & MARZ Vendor Neutral Archive

NovaPACS from Novarad is a complete PACS system offering fast image retrieval, and full-feature viewer with intuitive interface. Full screen viewing, easy to use menus and mouse-based functions are available to help enhance efficiency and referring physicians have complete access to images and reports from any computer.

NovaRIS from Novarad allows you to track patient information, procedures, exam status, revenues and insurance payouts. It also allows you to generate reports based on CPT or revenue codes. Its Admin reports function alerts you to potential problems such as incomplete exams and missing insurance codes. NovaRIS seamlessly integrates with your PACS or HIS.

MARZ Vendor Neutral Archive is a leading VNA solution created through a partnership of two industry leaders in medical imaging technology. Powered by both Dell and Novarad, it leverages nearly 50 years of combined industry experience in the medical imaging field. The two companies launched the solution with the goal of creating an end to end VNA solution capable of meeting the long term archiving and data management needs of any healthcare organization.


eRAD PACS is a flexible, standards-compliant, web-based, workflow management solution designed for centralized and distributed imaging environments. Consolidate all radiology exam information including images and reports from multiple systems into a centrally managed work list, accessible using off-the-shelf browser technology. eRAD PACS provides complete PACS functionality, including data acquisition, long-term storage, high availability, disaster recovery and advanced diagnostics viewing.


  • DICOM: Storage SCU / SCP; Query / Retrieve SCU; Print SCU; and CD Burning w/ embedded DICOM viewer
  • Views: Stack / Scout; Thumbnail
  • Convert DICOM to JPG or BMP images
  • Hanging Protocols
  • Audit Trails
  • Image / Study Reporting
  • E-Mail Enabled
  • Konica Minolta Acies PACS

    Acies PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a server/viewer system with high functionality. Medical images generated from all modalities are unified and stored on to a RAID server that can manage data at Terabyte levels while ensuring consistency of information. Helps high capacity image diagnostic imaging relying on simple, high-performance viewer functionality. Web transfer of stored images inside hospital, and also offline link between hospital and clinic. Has selected NAS for backup or storage capacity extension. The simple but high-performance system.

    Carestream Image Suite PACS

    Carestream Image Suite PACS is complete digital medical imaging acquisition and archiving software solution designed for smaller facilities with CR Systems. This "mini-PACS" software solution enables digital X-Ray imaging in your facility and streamlines work-flow. Carestream Image Suite software fits your environment and budget, giving you high-quality diagnostic images at an affordable price.