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SpectraVue FujiFilm

SpectraVue Film

SpectraVue provides a high quality diagnostic image for Panoramic and Cephalometry radiography. SpectraVue film will improve your image quality with minimum exposure, high resolution, fine grain and low fog level.

  • SpectraVue XRP: Suitable for UV light emitting screens.
  • SpectraVue XOG: Suitable for green Rare-Earth emitting screens.
  • SpectraVue MTG: High contrast, orthochromatic film intended for use with green emitting Rare-Earth intensifying screens. It produces sharper images due to the crossover controls of its flat-grain emulsion.
  • SpectraVue XTH: High-contrast and high speed film designed for use with green emitting Rare-Earth intensifying screens.

Available in: 8x10 in, 5x12 in, and 15x30cm. Packed 100 sheets/box.

SpectraVue Duplication Film

A duplication film designed for reproduction of medical radiographs. This film exhibits uniform linearity in density reproduction. The contrast scale of the original radiographs is reproduced, providing maximum diagnostic value.

SpectraVue Periapical Dental Film

SpectraVue is available in regular D-Speed as well as F-Speed in the following sizes:

  • D-Speed:
    D-58 Adult Size 2 - one film (150/box)
    D-57 Adult Size 2 - two films (130/box)
    D-54 Pedo Size 0 - one film (100/box)
    D-53 Pedo Size 0 - two films (100/box)
  • F-Speed:
    F-21 Adult Size 2 - one film (150/box)
    F-22 Adult Size 2 - two films (130/box)

    Agfa Radiomat Film

    • SG Film:
      Half speed, high contrast orthochromatic film. Provides high contrast and excellent detail throughout the entire diagnostic range. Use with Ortho 400 Rare-Earth screens to shorten exposure times. Use with Ortho 100 Rare-Earth screens for detailed extremity exams.
    • B Plus Film:
      Full speed, high contrast blue sensitive film. Provides a wide range of system speeds when used in combination with blue-emitting Rare-Earth and calcium tungstate intensifying screens.
    • M Plus Film:
      This half speed, blue sensitive film offers high contrast and low noise for extra sharp images. The film is perfect for general radiography, providing extra sharp images with outstanding detail and is compatible with all blue-emitting intensifying screens.


    Carestream/Kodak offers a broad selection of extra-oral dental films for all panoramic, TMJ, and cephalometric dental applications.

    Carestream/Kodak Ektavision G Dental Film

    This high-contrast film is part of the state-of-the-art Carestream/Kodak Ektavision Extra-oral Imaging System. With a speed of 400, the green-sensitive system is ideal for panoramic, cephalometric, and TMJ radiography.

    Carestream/Kodak T-MAT G Dental Film

    Carestream/Kodak T-MAT G Dental Film is a high-contrast film for use with green-light-emitting Rare-Earth Screens. This film provides good detail at up to one-half the radiation exposure of conventional (200-speed) blue-light-sensitive films when used with Rare-Earth Screens.

    Carestream/Kodak INSIGHT Dental Film "F-Speed"

    High contrast, designed to reduce radiation exposures by as much as 60 percent over D-Speed films. This F-Speed film incorporates patented T-GRAIN Emulsion Technology for superb image quality without sacrificing speed.

    Cat No.          Code        Description
    8675532 IP-01 100 1-film packets (Super Poly-Soft)
    1124981 IP-11 100 2-film packets (Paper Packets)
    8055402 IP-12 100 2-film packets (Paper Packets)
    1163401 IP-21 150 1-film packets (Super Poly-Soft)
    1798628 IP-22 130 2-film packets (Super Poly-Soft)
    1763960 IP-21 150 1-film packets (Paper Packets)
    1079086 IP-22 150 2-film packets (Paper Packets)
    1169143 IO-41  25  1-film packets (Paper Packets)

    Carestream/Kodak Ultra-Speed Dental Film "D-Speed"

    High-contrast, fine-detail film that renders excellent image quality. This D-Speed film also exhibits outstanding processing and handling characteristics.

    Cat No.          Code        Description
    1228840 DF-54 100 1-film packets (Super Poly-Soft)
    1228931 DF-53 100 2-film packets (Super Poly-Soft)
    1273747 DF-56 100 1-film packets (Paper Packets)
    1273721 DF-55 100 2-film packets (Paper Packets)
    1658194 DF-58 150 1-film packets (Super Poly-Soft)
    1491737 DF-58 150 1-film packets (Paper Packets)
    1753664 DF-57 130 2-film packets (Super Poly-Soft)
    1491752 DF-57 150 2-film packets (Paper Packets)
    1666163 DF-50  25  1-film packets (Paper Packets)
    1666122 DF-49  25  2-film packets (Paper Packets)

    Carestream/Kodak X-OMAT 2

    Designed to produce duplicate radiographs with excellent fidelity. Unlike X-Ray film, this is a direct-reversal film where longer exposure times produce lighter images and shorter exposure times produce darker images.

    Carestream/Kodak X-OMAT 2 dental duplicating film is available in the following sizes:
    8x10, 5x12, 15x30, 15/8 x 15/8 (For Intraoral Duplication)

    FujiFilm MI-DUP

    Duplicating film provides radiographs that are almost indistinguishable from the originals. This film has excellent clarity and contrast scale, providing maximum diagnostic value. Available in: 8x10 in, 5x12 in, and 15x30 cm. Packed 100 sheets/box