General Radiography


SpectraVue Imaging Film

SpectraVue provides a high quality diagnostic imaging film for all areas of modern radiology. SpectraVue film will improve your image quality with minimum exposure, high resolution, fine grain and low fog level. The variety of SpectraVue products allows you to choose among a wide array of film, from high contrast to wide latitude. SpectraVue is compatible with all brands of chemistry and is an ideal film for use in automatic transport and daylight systems.

SpectraVue XRP Film

A high contrast, blue sensitive, general-purpose medical imaging film. This high-resolution film with its fine uniform grain will provide excellent visualization of bone as well as soft tissue detail

SpectraVue XOG Film

A high contrast, orthochromatic film intended for use with green emitting Rare-Earth intensifying screens. XOG produces sharper images due to the crossover controls of its flat-grain emulsion. This film is designed for general radiography where the enhanced subject contrast and high resolution are important.

SpectraVue HSB Film

A high contrast, blue sensitive, half-speed film suitable for general radiography where maximum image quality is required. HSB is recommended for use with blue emitting Rare-Earth intensifying screens.

SpectraVue XTL Film

A wide latitude, medium to high speed, orthochromatic film intended for use with Rare-Earth intensifying screens. XTL film is designed for radiographic procedures where a wide range of densities need to be recorded. This film is an excellent choice in situations where control of exposures is difficult.

SpectraVue XTH Film

A high contrast, high-speed orthochromatic film intended for use with Rare-Earth intensifying screens. Using XTH film will cut the exposure time down significantly. The speed of this film makes it ideal for general or portable radiographic procedures when minimum radiation exposure and stop motion capability are required.

Carestream/Kodak Imaging Film

Choose the gold standard in X-Ray film technology. Known for image quality, versatility, and performance, Carestream provides a wide range of film offerings from general radiography and mammography to angiographic, orthopedic and thoracic applications, as well as film solutions for life science research.

Carestream/Kodak T-MAT RA Film

Carestream/Kodak T-MAT G/RA Film, Carestream/Kodak T-MAT L/RA Film, Carestream/Kodak T-MAT S/RA Film. These green-sensitive films use T-grain film technology for excellent general radiography images. T-MAT G/RA is great for general radiography, T-MAT L/RA provides low-contrast, wide latitude imaging, and T-MAT S/RA is designed for extreme conditions. Use with Carestream/Kodak LANEX Screens.

Carestream/Kodak X-SIGHT Film

Simply the best Carestream/Kodak films for general radiography, Carestream/KODAK X-SIGHT Films, when combined with X-SIGHT Screens, create the advanced Carestream/Kodak X-SIGHT Imaging System with zero-crossover film technology and a wide dynamic range to minimize image blur.

Carestream/Kodak X-OMAT Film

Carestream/Kodak X-OMAT BT and HBT blue-sensitive films are a result of Carestream Health's continued investment in diagnostic film imaging. Use with blue/ultraviolet-emitting Carestream/Kodak X-OMATIC screens. Carestream/Kodak X-OMAT BT and HBT Films, Carestream/Kodak X-OMAT UV+ Film.

Agfa Radiomat Film

  • SG Film:
    Half speed, high contrast orthochromatic film. Provides high contrast and excellent detail throughout the entire diagnostic range. Use with Ortho 400 rare-earth screens to shorten exposure times. Use with Ortho 100 Rare-Earth screens for detailed extremity exams.
  • B Plus Film:
    Full speed, high contrast blue sensitive film. Provides a wide range of system speeds when used in combination with blue-emitting Rare-Earth and calcium tungstate intensifying screens.
  • M Plus Film:
    This half speed, blue sensitive film offers high contrast and low noise for extra sharp images. The film is perfect for general radiography, providing extra sharp images with outstanding detail and is compatible with all blue-emitting intensifying screens.

FujiFilm Super HR-HA

Super HR-HA is a high speed, high contrast film for use with green-emitting Rare-Earth screens. It is designed for rapid serial radiography and is well suited for magnification angiography of other procedures where film speed is a primary consideration.

FujiFilm Super HR-L

Super HR-L is a wide latitude film for use with green-emitting Rare-Earth screens. It provides visualization of a wide range of tissue densities and has excellent exposure latitude.

FujiFilm Super HR-U

Super HR-U is a high contrast green sensitive film for use with green-emitting Rare-Earth screens. The New all-around Film for general applications.

FujiFilm Super RX

Super RX is a high contrast film for use with blue-emitting screens. It is well suited for general radiography and provides enhanced contrast and excellent radiographic detail.

FujiFilm RX-U

RX-U is a half-speed, high contrast ultra-fine grain film. It has been designed for use with blue-emitting screens and is ideal for situations that require very low noise and blue-tinted radiographic image quality.