Carestream/Kodak MIN-R EV Film

Delivers higher contrast, sharper detail, and wider exposure latitude than other Kodak mammography films, providing enhanced visualization of breast tissue and easier detection of abnormalities in mammography radiography.

Carestream/Kodak MIN-R 2000 Plus Film

For your breast screening and diagnostic mammography needs, the smart choice is MIN-R 2000 Plus Film.

  • Superb resolution, detail, and contrast
  • Physically robust in response to processing environment changes
  • Stable performance minimizing day to day variability
  • Developed by the world leader in screen-film technology

Carestream/Kodak MIN-R L

Delivers the contrast to view the dense breast parenchymal tissue as well as the exposure latitude to see the peripheral breast tissue.

FujiFilm AD-M Film

AD-M film is part of a unique mammography system combining the latest technology in film and intensifying screen advancements to achieve remarkable image quality for mammography. Designed to yield high contrast, Dmax and sharpness with minimal noise, the AD Mammography system consistently satisfies the high demand imposed on a mammography film/screen imaging system.

FujiFilm UM-MA Film

UM-MA film is a high speed, high contrast, single emulsion, orthochromatic film for mammography. It offers extremely high image quality and image consistency when used with a single green emitting mammographic intensifying screen. Fuji UM-MA Film is suitable for both 90-second and extended processing cycles.


Single emulsion orthochromatic mammography film designed for Agfa film/screen system for mammography. This film provides the contrast desired for viewing breast tissue and clinical information.