Oncology Media


Carestream/Kodak EC-L Film

The EC-L film system is comprised of EC film in either a EC-L oncology cassette or a EC-L fast cassette. Achieve a new standard in portal image quality with the EC-L film system. With a more than three times improvement in contrast over conventional systems, EC film provides exceptional definition of bony structures for more confident verification of treatment fields.

Carestream/Kodak EC-V Verification System

EC-V Verification System for Portal Imaging allows you to experience the quality of EC Film images and the benefits of the verification technique. The EC-V verification system includes EC film and EC-V verification cassette.

Carestream/Kodak Simulation Film

Simulation film is designed to reduce your exposure technique worries and achieve excellent image quality. In addition, this screen-film combination may enable you to use lower exposure techniques compared to those required by your current system.

Carestream/Kodak EDR2 Film

EDR2 film is the latest addition to our award-winning products designed specifically for oncology applications. Compared to most X-Ray films, it is relatively insensitive to X-Ray energies and, hence, has a response which extends to very high exposures. Intended for direct exposure applications, EDR2 film extends the current line of Ready-Pack products which includes PPL film. It is not suitable for portal imaging radiographs.