Paper/Print Media


Sony DPM-50STA

Color print pack. 50 sheets/pack

Sony UPC-1010/1H

A6 Color print pack. Paper size 4 x 5.6"

Sony UPC-2020/4

A6 Black & White Print Pack

Sony UPC-21L

A6 Color Print pack. Paper size 5.0 x 3.6 inches 50 Sheets /pack

Sony UPC-5010A/2

A5 Color Print pack size 5 7/8 x 8 3/8 inches 100 sheets/ pack

Sony UPC-5020A

A5 Black & White Print Pack

Sony UPC-510C

A5 Color Print Pack with Disposable Ribbon Holder

Sony UPC-55

A5 Color print media 100 sheets/pack

Sony UPC-5510

Color print pack 5 7/8" x 8 3/8" paper size UP-5500
image size: 5" x 6 1/2" UP-D5500 image size: 5 1/4" x 7"

Sony UPC-5510C

A5 Color Print Pack with Disposable Ribbon Holder

Sony UPC-7021A

A4 Black & White Print Pack

Sony UPC-771

Letter Size Color Print Pack

Sony UPP-110HA

Highly advanced black & white thermal print paper. Superior Density. Approx 240 prints/roll

Sony UPP-110HD

High Density black & white thermal print paper. Approx. 270 prints/roll

Sony UPP-110HG

High Gloss black & white thermal print paper Approx. 240 prints/roll

Sony UPP-110S/5

Standard Density black & white thermal paper. Approx. 270 prints/roll

Sony UPP-210HD

High quality & High Density print media. Approx 130 prints/roll

Sony UPP-210SE

Standard Density black & white print media

Sony UPP-216HD

High Density black & white media

Sony UPP-216SE

Standard Density black & white Thermal paper

Sony UPT-210BL

Blue thermal Transparency Film. Approx. 42 prints/roll

Sony UPT-731BL

Blue Thermal Transparency Film

Sony UPT-731CL

Clear Thermal Transparency Film

Sony UPT-735BL

8x10 Blue Transparency Film

Sony UPT-736BL

8x10 Blue Transparency Film

Mitsubishi CK-900S

  • Standard S size Ink Sheet
  • A6 type media
  • 200 prints per box
  • For use in CP-900DW, CP-900UM, CP-910U Mitsubishi printers

Mitsubishi CK-900L

  • A6 Type Media
  • Ink Sheet Size: 4.3 x 6.2
  • 130 Sheets Per Box
  • For use with the CP-900UM, CP-910U, and CP-900DW Series Printers

Codonics ChromaVista Color Paper and Ribbon

Specifically designed for medical applications for Codonics Horizon and NP series imagers. Ideal for referring physicians and patient take-homes. Available in Various sizes.

Codonics DirectVista Grayscale Paper

Specifically created for medical applications. This high quality media is ideal for referring physicians who prefer to view images in room light without a light box.

DirectVista Paper produces stunning grayscale prints with outstanding contrast ratios. There is no toner, wax or ribbon to replace ever. It's the ideal media for diagnostic review, patient and referral copies as well as archiving.