Ultrasound Media


SpectraVue CRB Film

High contrast, single emulsion, orthochromatic film specially designed for CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and Digital Radiography recording. Designed for use with a single green emitting detail-intensifying screen, which produces sharp bone detail for extremity radiographs. CRB is coated on blue base; CRC is a clear-based version with identical characteristics.

Carestream/Kodak EKTASCAN B & EKTASCAN C

A high contrast, blue sensitive, half-speed film suitable for general radiography where maximum image quality is required. HSB is recommended for use with blue emitting rare-earth intensifying screens.

Carestream/Kodak Radiomat (Video B)

Medium-high contrast, single emulsion, medium speed, blue or clear base film for use in ultrasound, MRI, CAT, nuclear medicine or with any monitor image capture hardware.

FujiFilm MI-NH

MI-NH (Blue base) is a high speed, medium to high contrast single-emulsion film coated on blue polymer base. This film is desirable for CRT video imaging.