Ultrasound Imaging Equipment

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Ultrasound Transducers (New/Used/Refurbished/Repair)

A large selection of new, pre-owned, and refurbished probes for all types of Ultrasound machines are readily available. We provide a cost-effective immediate solution for all of your ultrasound transducer repair and maintenance requirements.

Siemens SONOLINE G60

Superior performance, streamlined workflow, and maximum clinical confidence are now available in one powerful multi-specialty platform. The next generation SONOLINE G60 S Ultrasound System is more capable, more customizable, and easier to use than ever before.


LOGIQ 5 utilizes the cutting-edge technology used in GE's flagship LOGIQ products. You'll see improvements on every level - image quality, computational power, image management, workflow flexibility and product upgradeability. LOGIQ 5 leverages industry-leading advancements in ultrasound imaging for the entire patient exam - abdomen, OB/GYN, cardiology, small parts, vascular, and urology -- to create the best investment for your future.

Medison's SonoAce 8000

Medison's SonoAce 8000 Live combines the versatility of Live 3D and Volume 3D imaging with the all the 2D functionality of the SonoAce 8000 EX. Ideally suited to obstetric and gynecological applications, Medison's unique 3D technology allows users to acquire real-time images with a single action, resulting in unparalleled quality images that allow extraordinary diagnostic accuracy.

Philips ATL IE33

The Philips IE33 is preferred by many clinicians and sonographers for a few key reasons: Speed, Image quality, ease-of-use. With Live 3D (4D) imaging and PureWave xMATRIX technology, the Philips IE33 is often considered to be one of the best cardiac ultrasound machines available. Its image technology, combined from previous gold-standard cardiac ultrasounds continues to top the market with a premium user-interface coupled with great usability and outstanding image quality and penetration.

Toshiba Aplio

The Aplio offers what TAMS calls an efficient and stress-free workflow by incorporating a remote-controlled environment. The system, which integrates Bluetooth wireless technology, is capable of obtaining tissue Doppler imaging with quantification, a feature that augments the information output by offering better diagnosis.

Biodex Deluxe Ultrasound Table

The Deluxe Ultrasound Table features three primary positions: horizontal, chair and Trendelenburg. A convenient and easy-to operate hydraulic foot pump adjusts table height during patient transfers and scanning procedures. Trendelenburg positioning is easily performed with a smooth turning hand crank. Ankle straps, located at the underside of the foot section, prevent patient sliding during Trendelenburg positioning. Fowler positioning is accommodated with preset stops at 0, 15, 35, 55 and 80 degrees. The tabletop's hourglass shape narrows to 19 inches, providing comfortable scanning probe positioning at and below the plane of the tabletop. The leg section unlocks and swings down for chair positioning, or for positioning with optional stirrups.

Biodex Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table

The Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table is a dedicated table for all general ultrasound procedures including OB/GYN. Choose from an assortment of table options to customize the table to suit your department needs. With a vast height range down to 23", the Ultra Pro easily accommodates wheelchair transfers, patients with ambulatory difficulties and the bariatric population.

Biodex Echo Pro Echocardiography Table

The Echo Pro Echocardiography Table is a dedicated solution for all echocardiography procedures. Extra wide with 500-lb lift capacity and a vast height range down to 23", this table will easily accommodate wheelchair transfers, patients with ambulatory difficulties and the bariatric population.

Biodex Sound Pro Combination Table

The Sound Pro Combination Table is a versatile table solution, combining the imaging features of both the Ultra Pro and Echo Pro, making it ideal for OB/GYN, general ultrasound and echocardiography. Fully equipped with ultrasound and echocardiography capabilities, the Sound Pro is extra wide with 500-lb patient capacity and a vast height range down to 23", easily accommodating wheelchair transfers, patients with ambulatory difficulties and the bariatric population.