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No orthopedic practice, surgical, or emergency center is complete without c-arm machines for fluoroscopic and radiologic procedures. C-arms are indispensable in the industry for procedures such as placing pins or stents, inserting catheters, replacing joints, and more. The flexibility and convenience c-arms provide make procedures so much faster, safer, and more convenient. They help reduce the amount of time necessary to spend with each patient as well as the radiation load, meaning your patients are in and out more quickly and are exposed to less risk.

We carry several types of c-arm machines, including the GE OEC and the Genoray Oscar 15, and the Genoray ZEN-7000, perfect for many types of practices and facilities. Choose from refurbished or new, 9-inch or 12-inch image intensifiers and other premium features.

C-Arm Imaging Equipment

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