Digital radiography equipment

Spectrum Medical Imaging Co. carries a full line of digital X-ray machines from Carestream, DEL, and Vieworks.

Doctors and technicians love the speed and convenience of digital X-rays, and this technology makes their job infinitely easier due to the clearer and more accurate images it produces. Not only are the images clearer and more accurate, but patients are also exposed to a lower dose of radiation as compared to a traditional X-ray machine, and because the technology allows for faster procedures, they also take up less time. This makes for happier, healthier patients — plus, you can see more of them in a day with this X-ray equipment than you could with standard X-ray machines.

Depending on your patient population, you may want digital X-ray equipment with a large image area to make it easier to X-ray areas such as the spine or leg without having to take numerous pictures.

Battery life for this digital X-ray machine is long, improving convenience, but extra batteries are available — perfect for clinics and facilities that operate for longer than eight hours per day.

Digital Radiography Equipment

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