Vieworks digital radiography equipment

Vieworks flat panel X-ray detectors, used for both radiographic and fluoroscopic applications, provide the speed and convenience doctors and technicians want for their procedures.

Vieworks X-ray detectors are the ultimate upgrade for your existing X-ray machine, improving reliability and speed through wireless communication. Being able to complete procedures in less time means higher patient satisfaction rates and the ability to X-ray more patients per day, boosting your bottom line.

But you do not have to sacrifice quality for speed. Your images will be even clearer than they were with your standard equipment, plus noise is reduced even further. All Vieworks digital radiography X-ray detectors come with a long battery life for a full eight-hour day of work. They are also resistant to both water and dust, so your images will not be compromised. These X-ray detectors integrate with a wide variety of existing X-ray machines and equipment, saving you the cost and trouble of swapping out equipment.

Vieworks Digital Radiography Equipment

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