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The Agfa Drystar Axys printer produces clear, sharp images with high resolution for the best-printed pictures available. This particular printer is favored for mammography, orthopedics, and dental practices. The 508 dpi makes diagnoses infinitely easier to make. Compact and affordable, the Axys printer is also incredibly reliable.

The Agfa Drystar 5302 connects to any network and its small size means it fits easily into tight spaces. The 5302 delivers convenience and flexibility with its two media trays and five sizes available — no need to keep loading new media formats.

Both these printers offer the convenience of daylight loading — no darkroom necessary. That means no wet, harmful chemicals — and no mess either.

Plus, both printers are known to be especially efficient at producing top-quality images quickly, saving time and money.

Agfa Printers

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