Chiropractic X-ray machines

Spectrum Medical Imaging Co. carries two types of X-ray machines specifically designed for chiropractic practices.

The Americomp Chiropractic System allows for either standing or supine X-rays. The AC1 accepts a 14-by-17-inch cassette, and the AC2 goes up to 36 inches, allowing for a full spinal X-ray. The X-ray machine and its parts are easy to use and manipulate, and the tubestand is made of heavy-duty, durable steel that practitioners will certainly get many years of use out of.

The accompanying table, sold separately, can be used not only for a wide range of X-rays but also for spinal adjustments and other services — even massages, as it comes with a facial cushion. The wheels lock into place for stationery use.

The DEL Medical/UNIVERSAL Digital Chiropractic System is available in wall stand and floor stand models. This digital X-ray machine is a space saver and is perfect for practices with small rooms.

Chiropractic X-Ray Machines

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