Mobile X-ray machines

Mobile X-ray machines are perfect for doctors and practitioners who work with patients who have difficulty with ambulation and transfers, such as nursing home residents, extremely heavy patients, unconscious or post-surgical patients and patients who are paralyzed. It is also perfect for military applications and disaster response teams.

Having the flexibility to bring the X-ray equipment to the patient makes treatment infinitely easier, faster and cheaper than any other alternative. Do not be fooled by the size of these mobile X-ray machines — as they are mighty machines that produce top-quality images. Some varieties also reduce exposure time, increasing the chances the patient can stay still for the required length of time, thereby helping to ensure clearer images and fewer (wasted) repeat procedures.

Batteries last up to eight hours on these mobile X-ray machines, allowing technicians to accommodate more patients without having to stop to recharge the device or change the battery.

Mobile X-Ray Machines

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