Should Chiropractors Use X-Ray Equipment?

April 13, 2021

x-ray equipment for chiropractors

The use of X-ray equipment in chiropractic practices can sometimes be a controversial topic. The犀利士
bottom line is that X-ray machines are legitimate and useful tools in chiropractic care. Spectrum Medical carries a full line of X-ray equipment and related accessories for chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and anyone who works to help patients who have issues with their bones, muscles, joints or connective tissue.

What Do Chiropractors Do?

Patients seek treatment from chiropractors for many reasons, but common ones include pain as a result of motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries. The main premise of chiropractic is that practitioners perform spinal manipulations to restore blood flow and nerve function in an effort to relieve pain.

Because chiropractors are doctors but they aren’t physicians, there is sometimes debate over how they run their practices and what techniques they use. Some chiropractors face criticism for using mainstream treatment modalities such as X-ray machines in their practices. These critics believe that because chiropractic is holistic, practitioners should eschew traditional tools of Western medicine.

But many chiropractors believe that you can be a chiropractor and still be innovative and use state-of-the-art tools. In fact, some chiropractors prescribe pharmaceuticals, recommend surgery and use X-ray machines and other diagnostic tools. These doctors are more dedicated to helping their patients get better than they are to preconceived notions of their fields of expertise.

X-Ray Equipment for Chiropractors

The Americomp Chiropractic System is a special X-ray machine developed just for chiropractors. This machine allows patients to stand up to be X-rayed, rather than having to lie down like with a traditional X-ray. This is important because with this machine, the chiropractor can see your bones as they are when you are going about your day, versus when you are resting or sleeping.

Using a digital X-ray machine allows a chiropractor to get a much more detailed and more complete image of patients’ spines and other bones, allowing them to better diagnose and treat conditions.

The DEL Medical / UNIVERSAL Digital Chiropractic System also allows for standing X-rays, and produces clear, accurate images with a lower dose of radiation. This digital X-ray machine not only provides more accurate images than standard X-ray machines, but it saves doctors time and money because they no longer have to deal with processing film and storing images.

Chiropractors and their office managers should also take a look at our full line of chiropractic accessories, including protective aprons of all different sizes, colors and patterns, bolsters, headrest paper, markers, full PPE and more.

X-Ray Equipment from Spectrum Medical

For over 30 years, Spectrum Medical has been supplying medical practices across the United States with the most modern X-ray equipment available. You can trust our experience and expertise when you’re shopping for X-ray machines, digital X-ray equipment, C-arm machines and all related tools, machines and accessories. Contact us today to talk about the equipment you need for your practice.